Relay 16A Single Coil 240VAC Coil 46610054240VAC

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Relay 16A Single Coil 240VAC
NHP Part Number ; 4661007424VDC
Comm Air Part Number 0500043

Contact configuration
Rated current/maximum peak current A
Rated voltage/maximum switching voltage V AC
Rated load AC 1 VA
Rated load AC 15 (230 V AC) VA
Single phase motor rating (230 V AC) kW
Breaking capacity DC 1: 30/110/220 VA
Minimum switching load mW (V/mA)
Coil specifications 1
Nominal voltage (UN) (50/60 Hz) V AC
Rated power VA/W
Operation range AC
Holding voltage AC/DC
Must drop-out voltage AC/DC
Technical data
Mechanical life AC/DC cycles
Electrical life at rated load AC 1 cycles
Operate/release time ms
Insulation between coil and contacts (1.2/50µs)