Custom designed smart industrial air conditioning

Our air conditioner units are locally designed and built tough to exceed Australian standards and endure our harsh conditions.


Units built for reliable every day use in heavy industrial applications. Designed to run 24/7 in even the harshest conditions and built to the customers requirements.


We specialise in building units to meet the harshest of conditions whilst ensuring all aspects of our units exceed the high standards required in mine site applications.

Oil & Gas

When the strictest of conditions of the Oil & Gas industry need to be satisfied along with unmatched reliability, Comm Air is who leading HVAC engineers and consultants look to use.

 EC Fans

EC Rosenberg indoor
and outdoor fans.


Australian Made

1.2mm galvanized steel body
with up to 3mm chassis 
for robust strength.

Simple, High Quality &
Well Designed Electrical

 High quality design and only the most
robust components allow for trouble free use,
maintenance and installation of all CAA units.
We offer a wide range of options to suit even
the strictest of environments. From military
installations to minesites, gas plants and
even oil rigs. We have built for them all
and continue to offer a simple yet rugged
solution to these markets. 

Danfoss Fixed & Variable
Speed Compressors

Danfoss compressors and refrigeration
components utilised throughout. 

Ducting Arrangements

Wide range of fully customisable ducting
solutions to suite your projects needs.

We are able to customise our units air
supply and return location and sizing
to suit exisitng ductwork.

Call to discuss how we can
customise a unit to your needs. 

Coil Anti Corrosion

Anti corrosion protection is applied
to all CAA coils as standard.
For additional protection,
we proudly recommend and
offer BLYGOLD coatings.

Steel Double Skinned
Evap Section Standard

50mm polystyrene insultation and powder
coated, 1.2mm galvanised steel inner and
outer skins reduce thermal interference from
outside conditions. Our design of chassis
and body provide supreme efficiency as well
as promoting longevity of the unit through a
robust build and ease of maintenance.

High Quality Handles,
Locks & Fittings

At CAA we utilise only the highest
quality, locks, handles, screws
and fasteners from top to
bottom of every unit. Each
fitting is carefully selected to
ensure not only a robust body
and chassis, but one that will last
the test of time in even the
harshest of climates.

About CAA

Australian designed and built since 2009

Our product solutions are known to be one of the most rugged, reliable and flexible systems currently on the market. 

Our units have a reputation for being smart yet simple from commissioning to maintenance. With features like 100 percent fresh air capability, separated power and controls, enclosed compressor compartments, double skin evaporator sections and our robust warranty to back all our products with local support. 

All our units are made to withstand an unforgiving Australian climate and designed with easy service and access in mind. Designed to meet the latest Australian standards, built to endure Australian conditions. All systems are simple, yet flexible in their application and operation.

Built to Australian standards & to endure our harshest conditions.

Australian Built

We take pride in being a privately owned Australian company, driven by a profound commitment and passion for the air conditioning industry and supporting local workers and business. 

Australian Standards

Designed to meet the latest Australian standards, Built to endure Australian conditions.

Our units reflect a commitment to exceeding stringent benchmarks and reliability.

Operating Conditions

Constructed to withstand the rigors of harsh Australian conditions, our units are designed to operate in an ambient range from -15°C to 52°C and with 100 percent fresh air capability.

M.E.P.S. Certified

All relevant units are certified and registered to meet minimum energy performance standards.

Our Product Range

Air conditioners made to withstand the rigour of an unforgiving Australian climate.

Package Units

Available from 12 kW to 350KW in horizontal or vertical configurations. All our units are 100 percent fresh air capable, are operating with eco-friendly R410a refrigerant, interface with common building management systems, have a wide range of options we can customise to your projects needs.

Split Systems

Available from 12 kW to 200kW in horizontal or vertical configurations. Our range of split system units are known throughout the HVAC industry for their efficiency throughout the lifetime of the unit, being 100 percent fresh air capable, ease of installation and most importantly, their durability.

Remote Condensing

By incorporating the compressors and electrical components to the indoor section. The benefits include better acoustic dampening resulting in a quieter system overall as well as an increase to the units longevity of by providing better thermal working conditions for key components.

Our Projects

Some of the project's Comm Air keeps cool.

Rio Tinto, Hope Downs

Rio Tinto, multiple sites, multiple applications, same reliable cooling required. Comm Air Australia has been working with Rio Tinto, Australia’s leading iron ore producer, to

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