Inverter, Danfoss FC – 101 – 131L9868 7.5kW

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Inverter, Danfoss FC – 101 – 131L9868

Danfoss Part Number ; 131L9868

Comm Air Part number 0501671

Frequency Converter
VLT® HVAC Drive FC- 101
(P7K5) 7.5 KW / 10 HP, Three phase
380 – 480 VAC, (E20) IP20 / Chassis
RFI class A1 (C2)
No brake chopper
No Loc. Cont. Panel
Coated PCB, No Mains Option
No A Option, No B Option
No C1 option, No D option
Frame: H3
Other options according to Model Code
These drives offer a wide range of powerful standard and optional features with
low overall cost of ownership, ideal for OEMs.
VLT® HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 is the natural choice for heating, ventilation,
air conditioning, and simple compressor applications. It is optionally
available with a 2-line alphanumeric display