Soft Starter, Allen Bradley 150-C37NBR

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Soft Starter, Allen Bradley 150-C37NBR
Allen Bradley Part Number ; 150-C37NBR

Comm Air Part Number 0501571

Instruction Manual

The 150-C37NBR is a solid-state, SMC-3 smart motor controller with Delta compatibility and an open-type enclosure, designed by Allen-Bradley. This is a 3-phase controller which can be used for applications including fans, lifts, compressors, mixers, chillers, pumps, conveyors, and more.

This Allen-Bradley 150-C37NBR SMC-3 Smart Motor Controller includes a range of protective systems and features. These include electronic motor overload protection, phase reversal protection, phase imbalance, phase loss/open load, and over-temperature protection. This smart motor controller offers five different modes of operation, particularly kick start, coast-to-rest, soft start, soft stop, and current limit start. Also present is an LED status indicator that shows its fault, OFF, and RUN status. Note that the fault type is identified according to the number of distinct flashes demonstrated by the LED indicator. The push also acts a hold-to-test button to identify faults of the controller.