Soft Starter, Sprecher & Shuh PCS-037-480V-024

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Soft Starter, Sprecher & Shuh PCS-037-480V-024
Sprecher & Shuh Part Number ; PCS-037-480V-024

Comm Air Part Number 050157

Instruction Manual

The PCS Softstarter Controller is Sprecher
+ Schuh’s solid-state controller with rich
features at an economical price. This
softstarter is specifically designed to start
3-phase motors (up to 400HP@460V /
500HP@575V), but is very compact, easy
to use and DIN-rail mountable for models
up to 85A. Four standard starting modes
are available with the PCS Controller:
• Soft Start
• Soft Start with Selectable Kick-Start
• Current Limit Starting
• Soft Start with Soft Stop
All PCS Softstarters are designed to control either a standard 3-phase squirrel-cage
induction motor or a wye-delta motor
(700HP @ 460V/900HP @ 575V Y-D)