Rio Tinto, multiple sites, multiple applications, same reliable cooling required.

Our 38kW package units cooling components right next to the ever dusty train loadout.

Comm Air Australia has been working with Rio Tinto, Australia’s leading iron ore producer, to supply HVAC units to their Pilbara mines since 2011. Our units are designed to withstand the rigour of an unforgiving Australian climate and are equipped with easy service access and modular design. They are also designed to meet the latest Australian standards and provide optimal cooling and ventilation for mining operations.

By supplying HVAC units to Rio Tinto, Comm Air Australia is not only ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment for the miners, a clean, cool and suitable environment for components but are also contributing to the sustainability of the iron ore industry. 

Rio Tinto has committed to reducing the emissions from their operations by 50% by 2034, and Comm Air Australia is supporting this goal by providing energy-efficient and low-carbon HVAC solutions.

If you want to learn more about how Comm Air Australia can help you achieve your HVAC needs, contact us today or visit our website. We are proud to be a trusted partner for Rio Tinto and other mining companies in Australia.

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