Thermostatic expansion valve Type TR6, Danfoss 067U3277

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Thermostatic expansion valve Type TR6, Danfoss 067U3277

Danfoss Part Number 067U3277

Comm Air Part Number 170035

TR6 Installation Guide

Danfoss TR6 Data Sheet

The TR6 series is a hermetic design which is
developed with features especially for use in
applications such as:
•Residential air conditioning systems
•Split systems
•Roof top units
•Heat pumps
•Light commercial air conditioning systems
The TR6 design incorporates a forged brass
body with the entire power element, including
the capillary tube and bulb, fabricated from
stainless steel. All valves are designed with
balanced port which reduces the influence
from varying condensing pressures. The valves
can be delivered with special connections and
fittings both at the inlet, outlet, and the equalizer
•Compact size – hermetic design, straightway
configuration with external equalization
Refrigerants & rated capacities ranging up to
– R22/R407C: 23.6 kW / 6.7 TR
– R410A: 24.5 kW / 7 TR
•Laser-welded power element
– Longer diaphragm life
– High corrosion resistant
•Stainless steel capillary tube
– Tolerates more bending for easier installation
and longer life
– High strength and vibration resistance
•Stainless steel bulb
– Self aligning
•Balance port design
•A complete program with and without internal
check valve
•Internal check valve design with low pressure
drop in reverse flow
•Adjustable or non-adjustable superheat, for
customer specific factory setting
•Bleed function available
•Solder, chatleff and aeroquip connections
•With external equalization
•UL listed, file SA7200
•Anti hunt bulb charge