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  CAD Drawing
HIA025C3AC (Cooling Only) SLIMLINE
HIA025R3AC (Reverse Cycle) SLIMLINE

3 Phase, Two Stage, 25kW, Split System, Indoor section only

Comm Air Australia’s Split System range are known for being a compact and versatile air conditioning system that offers flexibility, high performance, reliability, and efficiency. Our units are all designed, engineered and manufactured here in Perth, Western Australia & built to withstand the harsh and unforgiving Australian climate.

These units feature quiet and reliable Danfoss scroll compressors, insulated indoor cabinet, variable speed EC outdoor fans with active head pressure control and a marine grade aluminium drain tray, all as standard features. It operates with environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant, can interface with most building management systems and can be customized to suit different indoor airflow paths and configurations.

Ideal for commercial, military or industrial applications that require a flexible and robust air conditioning solution. Our units are easy to install, service, and operate, and meets the latest Australian standards.

  • 50mm insulated & double skinned sheet metal indoor section
  • Military grade CAA PC board ensures reliability and simplicity for controls
  • Thermal expansion valve for dynamic control of refrigerant
  • Condenser and Evaporative coils have anti-corrosion protection applied
  • Automatic outdoor fan speed controller (Head pressure control)
  • High and low pressure safety cutouts
  • Accumulator fitted to avoid floodback conditions
  • Bi flow filter dryer
  • Sight glass for monitoring refrigerant conditions
  • Marine grade aluminium drip tray to both condenser and evaporator coils
  • Genuine Danfoss compressors, txv, sight glass and fittings
  • EC plug indoor fans
  • Australian made and powder coated steel body throughout.
  • Powder coated to complete body ensures superior protection from the elements  
  • Modbus compatible
  • BMS compatible
  • External overloads from compressors and AC fans
  • 24V AC control circuit
  • Power segregation for high and low voltage components
  • 100 Percent Fresh Air capable
  • Active Dehumidification System
  • Hot Gas Bypass
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Blygold coating to coils for additional corrosion protection
  • Close proximity wireless monitoring and diagnostics direct to CAA controller
  • Soft starters to reduce in rush current
  • Heat reclaim / hot gas reclaim for active dehumidification
  • F4 / G4 filtration to indoor and outdoor sections
  • EEV for electronic control of phase change
  • Polyurethane 2 part UV resistant coating
  • Customised enclosure for switchboard
  • Traffolyte Identification labels
  • Copper / Copper coils
  • Rotolocks / Ballvalves on suction & discharge of compressor
  • Coil Guards
  • Customised ducting arrangement

LT1 Controller Instruction Manual (Single Stage Systems)

LT2 Controller Instruction Manual (Two Stage Systems)